Why use Vanco instead of PayPal?

All forms of giving to Apostles are very much welcome, but not all means of online giving have the same fee and rate structure. Please note: For charitable contribution tax purposes, for each donation, the donor will be credited with the full amount of the donation, regardless of the associated fees for a particular transaction type (bank transfer vs. cards).

Please see the table below for a comparison between Vanco and PayPal:
Feature Vanco PayPal
Integration with church management software Vanco integrates with our church management software so that online donations are automatically recorded for charitable contributions tax statements. PayPal does NOT offer this.
Different fund designations Vanco offers different funds to be set up, e.g., "General Ministry", "New Pews", etc. PayPal does NOT offer this.
Monthly fees Vanco charges charges $20 for their "WebPay" secure website PayPal has no associated monthly charges.
"Convenience Fees" for checking and savings account transfers Vanco charges $0.20 per transaction, and $0.50 for setting up a recurring transaction. PayPal charges 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction, regardless of whether the donation is using a credit or debit card, even if it is to be taken from the donor's PayPal account.
"Convenience Fees" for credit and debit cards (this gets complicated!) Vanco charges credit / debit card rate structure is 2.65% + $0.38 per transaction for Visa, Mastercard, and Diner's Club. American Express cards are more expensive, 3.5% + $0.38 per transaction PayPal charges are the same regardless of the payment method (see above).

The "bottom line": Vanco online giving through checking or savings account bank transfers maximize the net donation to Apostles.

Example: Fee comparisons for a generous $1,000 donation to Apostles
Transaction Type Vanco PayPal Comments
Checking or savings account bank transfer $1000.00 - $0.20 (flat per transaction fee) = $999.80 $1000.00 – $22.00 (2.2% per transaction) - $0.30 (flat per transaction fee) = $977.70 Vanco bank transfers are the least expensive online giving method, with only $0.20 per transaction.
Credit or debit card (except American Express) $1000.00 – $26.50- (2.65% per transaction) - $0.38 (flat per transaction fee) = $973.12 PayPal fees are always 2.2% + $0.30: $977.70 PayPal has the least expensive fees for credit or debit cards, at $22.30 for a $1000 donation.
American Express card $1000.00 – $35.00 (3.5% per transaction) - $0.38 (flat per transaction fee) = $964.62 PayPal fees are always 2.2% + $0.30: $977.70 A fee of $35.38 for a $1000 American Express donation with Vanco is the most expensive.
PayPal account donation Not avaialable PayPal fees are always 2.2% + $0.30: $977.70 PayPal makes no distinction between how the donation is made – always 2.2% + $0.30 per transaction.