Ministries for Teens and Young Adults

The Way - A Junior High Ministry

This ministry operates under the spiritual principle that one must learn "The Way" of Jesus so that they may walk in His footsteps. In addition to the emphasis on spiritual growth that is so important in this stage of their lives, this parent-led program allows these young teens to come together and fellowship once a month with activities like: Car Rallys, Laser Tag, Ice Cream Socials, Bowling - to name a few.

The Truth - A High School Ministry

We believe that after one learns "The Way" of Jesus, they must then apply "The Truth" of his teachings to their lives. This parent-led program, designed for those in grades 9-12 is a little more encompassing than the junior high program. Beginning with Sunday morning Bible study in the youth room (10:10-11:00am), our weekly goal is to take what they have learned in confirmation and teach them to apply those Biblical principles to their everyday lives.

Service is also an important part of this program. We believe that our teens should learn the principle of helping others. With this in mind, they will take on service projects throughout the year, offering help in our church - our community - and missions.

This group also enjoys monthly activities like: The Corn Maze, Broom Ball, Day at the Beach, Ski Retreat and an all night Lock-In. Also, once a week we let them hang out at our "Tuesday Night Kickbacks" (7:00-9:30pm). Our desire is to keep these developing teens close to God's Word and offer them opportunities for wholesome social interaction and fun! We encourage the teens to bring their friends from their neighborhood or school to all the activities so that we can let the "Truth" of our Savior's Word shine in their lives as well.

The Life - A Young Adult Ministry

As these young souls develop and learn "the Way" of Jesus, learning to apply His "Truth" to their lives, we pray they will continue to see and learn through God's Word that Jesus gives everyone true "Life". This young adult group is designed for those who are in college and young adults in their twenties. While this program is less structured than their younger counterparts, they operate with similar principles - Study of God's Word, wholesome social activites, and Christian fellowship.

Our Philosophy

In John chapter 14, verse 6 - Jesus states, "I am the Way and the Truth and the Life, no one comes to the Father except through me." We at Apostles follow what Jesus stated here, and have seen the importance of coming to the Father through a lifetime of knowing Jesus. The youth ministries at Apostles were created to keep us connected to Jesus, while at the same time, reaching out to others in Christian love.

To learn more about the Apostles Youth Ministry, please contact one of our pastors.