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We pray these messages from our pastors will bring you closer to your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Date Sermon Bible Passage Actions
Mar 17 2010 The Way of Sorrows - A Place for Tears
Mar 14 2010 The Power of the Cross to Change Lives
Mar 10 2010 Pilate's Palace - A Place for a Substitute
Mar 07 2010 The Power of the Cross Redeems Gal 3:13
Feb 28 2010 The Power of the Cross Leads Luke 9:21-26
Feb 24 2010 Gethsemane - A Place of Betrayal Luke 22:47-53
Feb 21 2010 The Power of the Cross Strengthens 1Cor. 1:18
Feb 17 2010 The Upper Room - A Place for Service Luke 22:24-27
Feb 14 2010 Extreme Love Matt. 17:1-3
Feb 07 2010 Go Fishing! Luke 5:1-11