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We pray these messages from our pastors will bring you closer to your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

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Date Sermon Bible Passage Actions
Aug 24 2014 The Meeting That Should Never Have Happened Romans 5:6-8
Aug 17 2014 Waiting for the Coming Harvest Romans 8:26–27 (Sermon Text) and Matthew 13:24–30
Aug 10 2014 Real Worship 2 Chronicles 5
Aug 03 2014 Real Wealth 1 Kings 10:22-24 (Eccl. 2:3-11; 5:10-20; 6:1-2)
Jul 27 2014 Living before the Face of God Exodus 33:12-23
Jul 20 2014 Living on the Edge vs. Living with Stability Genesis 28:10-22
Jul 13 2014 Preach Christ! 2 Timothy 4:1-2
Jul 06 2014 God shapes our lives for success Genesis 50:20-21
Jun 29 2014 The Testing of Our Hearts: Forgiving Others Genesis 50:15-21
Jun 22 2014 Our Lives Shaped by God Genesis 39:2